10 Of The Most Amazing Apartment Buildings Around The World


Having a place to rest your head at night is important, but when the place you get to lay your head down is as unique as you are you really begin to take pride in your living space. Regardless of who you are or where in the world you’re located, you can find an apartment building that suits your individual tastes and needs if you look hard enough.

I’ve compiled a short list below of what I consider to be the ten most amazing apartment buildings in the world. Some of them made the list because they’re luxurious, some because of their location, and others still for their unique design. There’s an apartment out there for everyone, and this list has all that you need to find the building of your dreams. Even if you’re not planning on moving in the near future, this list might sway you in a direction you’ve never even heard about.

Let’s Take A Look

10. The Cayan Tower – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We’re going to start things out with my least favourite – but still very cool – building: The Cayan Tower in Dubai. This thing boasts 76 stories and is more than a thousand feet tall! It also rotates a full 90 degrees (That’s 1.2 degrees per story), giving it a unique look (it’s also perched by the water, so bonus points for that).


This apartment building is only a couple of years old. It was built in 2013 and it offers both residential and commercial units, so if you live here you could potentially go to work without having to leave the building!

Photo via: Wikipedia

9. 10 Hanover Square – New York City, United States

Folks in New York are crazy busy nearly 24 hours a day and they want to have everything they need accessible to them at a moment’s notice, which is why so many apartment buildings in NYC are chalked full of amenities. 10 Hanover Square is no exception – It has a gym, a sauna, a full time concierge that can answer any beck and call, and more. This is where you want to be living if you building1have a sense of adventure: In addition to all the other perks, there’s also a two-story high indoor rock wall that’s challenging enough for even more experienced climbers.

The downfall? It’s located right downtown. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get all the way down there? Answer: Very, so unless you already work down there you might want to pass on this one.

Photo via: urbanedgeny.com

8. One Hyde Park – London, England

The tag of One Hyde Park is Experience the Exceptional, and these folks definitely do take exceptional living to the next level. Your security as a tenant at this London location is a number one priority – Not only do the glass building2elevators scan your irises before taking you up or down, the building also features bomb shelters and bulletproof windows. They even have a policy of scanning all mail that comes in to further ensure your safety and security.

Obviously they offer the usual high-end amenities – a pool, fitness center, movie theater, etc. – but here’s the big selling point: Because One Hyde Park is the Mandarin Oriental’s only residential building in all of Europe, you can have a genuine Mandarin dish by master chef Daniel Boulud delivered right to your door whenever you don’t feel like cooking.

Photo via: lplluxury.co

7. Clermont Residence – Singapore

This apartment building isn’t even completed yet (and it won’t be until at least 2016), which is why it falls so low on my list. The Clermont Residence sits on top of the already 290 meter high Tanjong Pagar Center, further extending Singapore’s already tallest building. It’s being designed by the same people that created the Burj Kalifa and One World Trade Center, so I don’t doubt that the inside will look as spectacular as the exterior does.


Sure, the penthouse will run you $47 million, but just think of the views you’d get for that price!

Photo via: clermont-residence.net

6. Container City – London, United Kingdom

Looking for something a little different? How about moving into an old cargo container? Urban Space Management noticed that these things were just taking up all kinds of space at dock yards, so they decided to transform and repurpose them into livable housing units. There are technically two container cities, but since they’re attached I’m onlbuilding4y counting them as one.

They might not be much to look at, but they’re certainly unique! And since they have windows and hardwood floors, you won’t feel like you’re living in a box. I’m not sure how the steel roof’s on the top floor would fair out in the rain, but I’d imaging you’d get used to it eventually.

Photo via: Photographer Fin Fahey

5. Roppongi Hills – Tokyo, Japan

It took seventeen years of careful planning and immaculate construction, but the resulting Roppongi Hills was well worth the wait! This place offers so many services and amenities that I would consider it to be more of a city building5within a city than I would an apartment building.

In addition to the almost 800 residential units, this complex offers movie theaters, world renowned restaurants, art museums, a shopping center, gardens, playgrounds, and even schools! This is definitely the perfect place to be for the family that wants to partake in activities without actually leaving the house.

Photo via: destination360.com

4. One Thousand Museum Condos – Miami, United States

Here’s another one that isn’t quite finished yet (and won’t be until at least 2018), but this thing has such incredible architectural design that I simply couldn’t leave it off the list. This apartment building plans to feature a two story spa and wellness center so that you can maintain your beach body, a sunbathing terrace overlooking the Miami skyline to help you work on your tan, and it’ll even have a private helipad for all your quick getaway needs!


It might not be family-friendly per se, but it’s perfect for singles or couples that can’t get enough of the sun.

Image via 1000museum.com

3. Tour Odeon – Monaco

Tour Odeon overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and features floor-to-ceiling windows, so you know the views here are nothing short of amazing. There’s also a terrace on every unit to give residents somewhere to back in the warm sun and take in their panoramic views.

It’s onlbuilding7y been in use since the spring, so there’s a good chance that if you act now and move into one of these units its condition will be close to brand new.

Image via: odeon.mc

2. 20 Pine – New York City, United States

20 Pine is an Armani designed building. It’s located right in the heart of NYC’s financial district (which is probably where you work if you can afford this place) and has enough amenities to satisfy even the most particular client. After a long hard day of work, just head down to the basement for a game of poker or billiards, workout in the gym, detox in the Turkish sauna, or stop by the Exhale building8Spa and enjoy one (or a bunch!) of their exceptionally decadent and relaxing services.

All of that is enough to sell 20 Pine, but here’s the real bonus to living in this building – An underground tunnel that takes you right to the 2, 3, 4, 5, M, and J trains. Traveling in bad weather is a thing of the past when you live this gorgeous building.

Image via: guestofaguiest.com

1. The Reversible Destiny Lofts – Mitaka, Japan

If the name of this building alone doesn’t sell you like it did me, the look definitely will. Like something out of a video game, the Reversible Destiny Lofts are colourful and fun. Their unique structure looks like something out of a video game and the windows will give you more than enough light.


Here’s the big seller though – Each one of these units is designed with the resident in mind. That means that everything from the way the rooms are laid out to the shape of the corridors can be customized to your unique individual needs. Renting someone else’s unit might be something you’ll have to get used to, but just look at this place! It’s definitely worth it.

Did I leave one of your personal favourites off the list? Let me know about it in the comments section below – I always love learning about new places, especially when they’re as unique as some of these!

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